Wednesday, March 21, 2012

days 20 and 21

 day 20... before and after

  I saved both Kate's and Ian's Christening outfits. Oliver wore Ian's when he was Christened and now Amelia will wear Kate's for her Christening. I embroidered Kate's and Amelia's initials and the years of their Christenings to the slip layer of the Christening gown. I need to do this with Ian's/Oliver's Christening tuxedo. This way of other children wear the outfits over the years those initials can also be added and an heirloom will have been created. Hopefully they will embroider better than I do.

day 21... delicious

You can't go wrong with a box of animal crackers and a cute Lilly Pulitzer box is all the better.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

day 19... funny


Patrick was sitting on the couch today flipping through a magazine. The magazine had several adds for cologne and perfume in it. I watched him turn the page to find the first of these advertisements and instead of lifting the magazine he leaned way over and sniffed the ad. I quietly got up and grabbed my camera thinking that maybe he would repeat this exercise on the next perfume advertisement. He did! I managed to grab the shot before cracking up. I know, not that funny but it made me laugh.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Saturday, March 17, 2012

day 15, 16 and 17...

 day 15... car

I pulled an old photo out for this one. Lilly and Chloe were visiting Texas and stayed the night with me. After they left I wasn't feeling well so this photo didn't get taken. I love this one of Oliver checking out his toddler sized Lightening McQueen power wheels.

day 16... sunglasses

This shot just happened. I sat down on the couch and saw the great reflection in my sunglasses right where I had left them on the coffee table. (This is shot is SOC)

day 17... something green

We hit the rodeo again today with Kate, Matt and Amelia. It was packed and almost everyone had green on. then I remembered this adorable pie shack.  It is called Pie in the Sky and they have stores in The Heights and in Conroe. Patrick and Kate had pie I had a bite of Kate's Bumbleberry pie and it was yummo!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

lilly and chloe

 The girls are visiting their grandparents and me for spring break. Yesterday I got to spend the day with everyone at the rodeo. Today the girls came over shortly after lunch and are staying all night. We colored, had a play date with friends,ate junk food, bounced in the moon bounce and just hung out together. I kept the camera out and after a while they relaxed in front of it. 

Chloe was happy with the camera today!! I am hoping she will be as cooperative tomorrow when I dress her up (and wash her face) to take some planned shots.

 Not to be out done. Lilly began posing for the camera. 

 I LOVE my girls!!!

Just  a few more that I really liked. I love the reflection of the Ferris wheel in Lilly's glasses and the girls just look like they are having a blast in the moon bounce.


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day 12 ... fork & day 13 ... sign

 day 12... fork

I was actually able to find vegetarian food at the Rodeo this year. The was a very yummy spinach and bean burrito from Tad's Bodacious Burritos at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Yummo!

 day 13...sign

 Also taken at the rodeo. What can I say?! This east coast girl enjoys a little rodeo.

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