Tuesday, March 13, 2012

lilly and chloe

 The girls are visiting their grandparents and me for spring break. Yesterday I got to spend the day with everyone at the rodeo. Today the girls came over shortly after lunch and are staying all night. We colored, had a play date with friends,ate junk food, bounced in the moon bounce and just hung out together. I kept the camera out and after a while they relaxed in front of it. 

Chloe was happy with the camera today!! I am hoping she will be as cooperative tomorrow when I dress her up (and wash her face) to take some planned shots.

 Not to be out done. Lilly began posing for the camera. 

 I LOVE my girls!!!

Just  a few more that I really liked. I love the reflection of the Ferris wheel in Lilly's glasses and the girls just look like they are having a blast in the moon bounce.


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